SailGP Boat Racing

Tesla Powerwalls Used To Assist SailGP Boat Racing And Ditch Diesel

Tesla has created an innovative solar power and energy storage off-grid system to power the SailGP boat racing series.  SailGP has announced its plans to become carbon neutral by 2025, starting with a project with Tesla ahead of its second season.

With an increased urgency in Season 2, SailGP will continue building the foundations laid in year one. This includes a technical project together with Tesla.  Tesla and SailGP have teamed up to assist the new sport’s diesel-powered mobile recharging stations to switch to solar and storage.

The SailGP boats consist of onboard batteries to power some devices. During the previous season, they had a diesel generator for charging the batteries for all of the boats at their Sydney facility before a competition.… Read the rest

How Are Trimarans Built?

Trimaran – Are Three Hulls Better Than Two or One?

A trimaran is a specific kind of multihull vessel that features three hulls and is typically made for racing or sailing on open waters. Also called a double outrigger, the arrangement comprises the main hull with two smaller hulls connected by lateral beams.

Some trimarans are used as ferries, while designs in this class are used as warships. Originating in the South Pacific, the trimaran’s double-outrigger style was initially used for fishing and ferrying between the islands of Southeast Asia and Madagascar.… Read the rest


Are You Ready To Own A Catamaran? Must-Read Tips For Buyers!

Are you ready to take the plunge and purchase a yacht? Many sailors choose catamarans over monohulls because of their speed. In actuality, catamarans are often seen cutting the open water with a sailor or two on the edge to increase their rate of speed to max level.

The appeal of catamarans has enabled designers to construct vessels that satisfy every operator’s requirements. Before deciding which brand is best, it is wise to choose between a power cat or a sailing cat.

Power Catamaran vs. Sailing Catamaran

Both kinds of yachts each have their own set of advantages, so if you wonder whether to buy a sailing catamaran or a power catamaran, it all comes down to what you’re searching for in a yacht.… Read the rest

Marine Thermal Cameras Are a Huge Benefit Out on the Water

What is Thermal Imaging?

We are going to discuss those marine thermal cameras are a huge benefit out on the water. Thermal imaging (also called thermal scanning, thermography, infrared imaging, or infrared thermal imaging) is the way individuals can observe the infrared part of the light spectrum. Every object radiates some amount of thermal energy, so thermal imaging is excellent for finding temperature anomalies, which are abnormal in machinery, electric equipment, and in solids like wood, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass.

Thermal imaging doesn’t require light to see thermal radiation, so thermal cameras can see in complete darkness. Thermal imaging is used majorly in law enforcement, security, army, air and sea navigation, firefighting, private industry, surveillance, medicine, and mathematics.… Read the rest


Best Catamarans From Various Multihull Manufacturers

Second-hand is obviously cheaper and is often allows the opportunity to sail aboard a multihull that’s prepared to set off. From 35 to 45 feet, this size seems to be the sweet spot, with some excellent opportunities.  Catamarans, after all, are the fastest-growing segment of the sailboat market — so we felt it was necessary to build a list of our favorite catamaran sailboats. You’ll find a variety of catamaran manufacturers that made the list.

Our Favorite Catamarans Sailboats:

1. Hobie 16

Revealed in Southern California in 1970 from the store of an ingenious surfboard shaper called Hobie Alter, the beach-based Hobie 16, using its trapeze fittings and asymmetrical fiberglass decks did nothing less than revolutionizing multihull sailing. Above 100,000 small catamarans later, the … Read the rest

live-sonar marine technology

Cool Marine Technology For Your Boat 2019

Whoever imagined a time when sonar could stream live images of fish? Who dreamed you could use your chart plotter to start miniature unmanned aircraft to film fishing activity? And who could predict the use of augmented reality for safer navigation to and from the fishing areas?  Whether you envisioned these inventions or not, this cool marine technology is already here.

By way of instance, Panoptix LiveScope live sonar technology by Gramin, launched this past year, streams real-time sonar pictures of fish.  Along with the UAV flight operate on Axiom series of Raymarine multifunction displays, also launched this past year, automatically deploys, manages and retrieves video from the drone.… Read the rest

The Caribbean Islands Are Ready For You Sailors!

As the summer approaches and you are making your sailing plans think of safety and be prepared.

When is the Caribbean hurricane season? What’s the second most significant reason for getting out from the Caribbean for hurricane season? What is the scoop with hurricane vessel insurance? What’s the best way to prepare your journey through the Caribbean to make sure you’re in a hurricane safe zone before the season starts? How do you prepare your boat for a hurricane?  We will discuss all those questions here but first is the Caribbean open for business? And the answer is YES!!

Paradise is Back Following Past Hurricane Destruction

Maria and Irma are two names that make the hair stand up on the necks of many in the … Read the rest

boats anchored in ocean

Review of Goal Zero YETI 1250 Solar Generator

Power generation is crucial for the operations of different types of boats, a lot depends on the size of your vessel. For instance, you need the energy to operate critical appliances like freezers, refrigerators, charge phones and laptops as well as home healthcare equipment. Some ships have built-in generators but those without requiring a reliable solar generator.

A marine solar generator has many benefits compared to other devices that are powered by fossil fuel. For instance, Goal Zero’s YETI 1250 is a perfect example of a solar generator that gives you peace of mind when you are sailing in your boat. The YETI 1250 portable power station can also serve purposes like camping and other applications even at home. The solar generator works perfectly well … Read the rest

Catamaran boat leaving port

12 Awesome Modern Marine Electronics

There are lots of different approaches to take when it comes to a marine adventure on the ocean. There are some experienced sailors that like the old-fashioned methods and can set off in their sailboat with the bare minimum. Others need a few more electronics onboard to turn their multi-hull boat into a sophisticated vessel.

Whether boat owners buy a few essential items, or go crazy and deck out the entire boat, there are some important places to start.

This marine electronics guide points out the most important items to have onboard and explores 5 categories: navigation, communication, safety, sporting pursuits, and entertainment. Within those categories are three products that should prove useful to anyone heading out on an … Read the rest

Multi-Hull Boat

Plan Your Multi-Hull Boat Vacation Cruising The Bahamas

If a cruise to the Bahamas is on your bucket list then keep reading. There is more than one way to cruise these Caribbean shores. When some think of cruises, their minds immediately spring to images of big ocean liners full of cabins and entertainment facilities. This is fine for a longer cruise between ports, and nations, on a luxury trip. The thing is that this sort of voyage doesn’t suit everyone.

It may seem like the “best” option money can buy, but it doesn’t always provide the best experience. The truth is that it is impossible to get a taste of the islands and seas without heading out to something much smaller and more intimate. This is where tourists turn to multi-hull boat vacationsRead the rest

Thermal Cameras

5 Highly Recommended Thermal Cameras for Sailors

Thermal cameras can be used to identify problems that otherwise would not be discovered without a lot of trial and error. These thermal cameras are utilized in a variety of scenarios. Infrared cameras are a scientifically innovative solution to some everyday problems.

In this article, we reviewed five of the best thermal cameras on the market to help readers figure out the pros and cons of each model and how to use them. This way the camera users can make an informed decision while shopping.  FLIR seems to be the most common or known brand name these days (like the Flir C2), but there are others on the market.

Below are the five cameras and an overview of each one (no particular order):… Read the rest

Multihull Boats Events

The Most Exciting Events For Multi-Hull Boats

Multihull boats are one of the most exciting and awe-inspiring types of vessels around. This is true for sailors and spectators. Multihull boat events, such as races and boat shows, are therefore very popular with those drawn to this class. There are many international, annual events across the world. The best brings a new adventure for sailors and a unique experience for spectators.

Sailors receive a challenge with these trimarans and catamarans, especially foiled models and those over 50ft.  These boats great to take out on the water and are also fun to watch from the land, with their unusual shapes, bright colors, and impressive physics on the water.… Read the rest

Neel 45 Trimaran Sailboat

A Review Of The Neel 45 Trimaran Sail Boat

The Neel 45 trimaran is a 44ft 2012 Eric Bruneel design for JOUBERT NIVEL MERCIER. This is lightweight vessel constructed from glass, isophthalic polyester resin, closed-cell foam and honeycomb PVC.

It should provide the best in living quarters, controls and motion for a great sailing expedition. Initial pictures of the interior and layout may not be as some had anticipated, so what can buyers expect? That is where this Neel 45 trimaran review is here to help.

The interior of this Neel 45 trimaran can take some getting used to, but the design is certainly appealing.… Read the rest

Marine Solar Generators Review

5 Best Marine Solar Generators Reviewed

It can be hard to know which type of solar generator to buy, as the market is flooded with so many brands and models.

To make things easier, this article includes information on some of the most highly recommended solar generators that can be bought online. We’ll cover five of the best marine solar generators selling today, according to and similar websites.

Read the rest

multihulldemoday - dean catamaran underway stern

Learn About The Dean Catamaran 441 In This Review

The Dean Catamaran is full of surprises. It resembles a regular midsized catamaran on the outside.  Experienced catamaran sailors may notice that the mast rake is a little larger than the average, but the real differences lie within.

The interior can be customized to its owner’s liking, and they’re sure to be impressed by delivery. Each Dean Catamaran is put to the test while crossing the ocean.

These catamarans are manufactured in South Africa before making the seven thousand mile voyage to their new owner.… Read the rest