multihull is about giving you information regarding Catamaran, Trimaran ships, and Multihull events with dates and places along with all the details of organizers, the best places to cruise/sail in the world, and details of all sorts of Marine products.

Catamarans and Trimarans are ships that come in various sizes, and they have two and three hulls respectively. You will read get to know about the models of below 4o-foot and above 40-foot catamarans and trimarans, their information, specifications, and reviews.

There are many multihull events takes place around the globe in various countries, and you will know about them in advance from this website. We will share every detail about these events, locations, dates, etc.

There are many things that multihull ships use: such as solar generators, marine electronics, thermal cameras for night vision, etc. We provide reviews of all these products to better prepare and inform you. You will know about the best products to purchase from a number of sources available in today’s market. So because of the reviews of these products, you can spend your money wisely and purchase the right equipment without lots of trial and error.