Are You Ready To Own A Catamaran? Must-Read Tips For Buyers!

Are you ready to take the plunge and purchase a yacht? Many sailors choose catamarans over monohulls because of their speed. In actuality, catamarans are often seen cutting the open water with a sailor or two on the edge to increase their rate of speed to max level.

The appeal of catamarans has enabled designers to construct vessels that satisfy every operator’s requirements. Before deciding which brand is best, it is wise to choose between a power cat or a sailing cat.

Power Catamaran vs. Sailing Catamaran

Both kinds of yachts each have their own set of advantages, so if you wonder whether to buy a sailing catamaran or a power catamaran, it all comes down to what you’re searching for in a yacht.

Advantages of Power Catamarans

Otherwise, you may decide that a power catamaran is an ideal alternative for you. Should you feel the need for speed, as an instance, then a power cat is the solution. Plus, if you’re planning to cruise routes that contain bridges with height limitations, then a power cat is preferable because of their low clearance.

Advantages of Sailing Catamarans

Want to start on longer-range cruising or follow the sun? Sailing cats are the perfect option.  Sailing Catamarans is also more environmentally friendly.

If you are unsure about which is the very best catamaran for you, contact us and help you reach that decision.  The next question you need to inquire yourself is that brand to decide on. Here, we look at the top catamaran brands and what makes them a cut above the rest. (alphabetized)


Aquila has broken through the industry in the past several years, with its range of power catamarans representing some of the most advanced designs available on the market.


On Aquila catamaran, you’ll get to enjoy fuel-efficient and stable cruising, with sufficient power to cross waters if you decide to.

Their yachts are award-winning, brought to life by the industry’s most sought after boat designers, builders, and developers.

It is all about the extra touches — memory foam beds, big storage spaces, and variable temperature showers mean that if you choose to spend only a day on the ship or an elongated period, you will always get to experience complete comfort.

Here are some of our favorite Aquila Power cats in the market.

Aquila 44

Featuring another cabin to the Aquila 36, the Aquila 44 catamaran is perfect if you would like to sail with different guests.

Enjoy features like the convertible bar area and the aft cockpit’s special design, which changes it from the standard.

But perhaps among the most notable Items on this catamaran is the forward stairway, which leads right from the foredeck to the flybridge, meaning guests can quickly get in the bridge to the bow.

Aquila 48

This power catamaran provides in abundance is privacy due to the sheer quantity of space it provides. The cottages are kept apart, with the master cabin separated from the guest cottages by a tube.  However, for all the cottages’ privacy, social interaction is encouraged with the saloon, cockpit, and galley flowing effortlessly from one to the other.



Whether you are looking to use it to get a day trip or a long-distance voyage, then this yacht can do both, creating the Aquila 48 among our top catamarans.  We know that choosing your perfect yacht is hard, and that’s why we would like to help!



Bali catamarans are sought after their space, as they are specifically designed to offer yachtsmen ample living quarters.

As they’re only made at two sites, this small-scale manufacturing ensures that only the best quality is achieved in each of their yachts among the favored catamaran brands among many boaters.

Their innovative designs and safety feature continuously make Bali among the most popular catamaran brands. Using low-density material makes these boats very buoyant and only about unsinkable. Additionally, anti-osmotic resins also give the ships a highly protective covering, which can be excellent because of their long-term durability.

Offering both sailing and power catamarans, these would be the Bali catamaran models we would recommend:

Bali 4.1

The development of the original Bali 4.0, Bali 4.1, makes this list due to the sheer quantity of space it provides. Seating was included in the aft cockpit, and the storage segment is larger, which is fantastic for storing snorkeling or scuba diving equipment.

The catamaran’s open-plan nature means it’s terrific for socializing, with large areas for sitting, sunbathing, sleeping, and cooking.


Bali 4.3 MY

This electricity cat offers luxury in abundance, with a 30m2 deck giving ample spaces for sunbathing!

Dine-in style on the patio and sleep soundly in the beautifully designed bedrooms! The helm is large enough to rival larger yachts, helping you to cruise in total comfort.

Bali 5.4

The sense of space you will feel in this catamaran is unlike any other Bali model. This is down in part to the huge glass windows, which offer you epic panoramic views.

The main saloon is free of bulkheads, meaning you will have to enjoy direct access to the cockpit; nonetheless, the much-loved features on similar Bali yachts are still present, including the forward deck, in replacement of the trampoline.

If you value luxury and space, then Bali 5.4 is the best catamaran for you.



Part of the Bali Group, Catana Catamarans, is available between 42 and 70 feet long, providing potential yacht owners many choices regarding space.  Like Bali, Catana yachts are just made in two sites in France, meaning that they can control their high-quality standards in every boat.


This quality is evident throughout. By way of instance, every yacht is built with foam sandwich vacuum immersion technology, which consolidates the framework of the ship while at the same time making it lighter and quicker. A Catana infrastructure is technologically innovative compared to its contemporaries due to the ample bridge-deck clearance and raised freeboard. Curved daggerboards reduce the possibility of tipping, and “crash boards” will see to it that the resilience of any Catana, which makes it one of the greatest catamaran brands around.

These are our selections of the best catamarans from Catana; contact us for additional information.

Catana 53

After extensive research months, the Catana 53 was launched, talking to workers in the Catana shipyard, architects, and the brand’s customers. The outcome? A very powerful catamaran.

Boxy and angular, the layout is aesthetically pleasing yet clearly constructed for long-range cruising. The layout on-board is a good instance of open-plan at its best, with the enormous front windows letting in a lot of light while offering striking views.

Catana 62

Much like the Catana 53, this particular version was developed after inclusive collaboration between naval architects and Catana’s committed R&D team.

This extensive research is easy to see as soon as you step on-board. Maxi boats with inverted bulls, carbon extract technology, and foil-type daggerboards comprise the specific yacht.

It is stable and lights among the safest cruising catamarans, without compromising a spacious and luxurious living room.

Catana 70

The Catana 70 is mentioned among the best catamarans by many seasoned sailors — and it sure is a sight to behold.

Its exterior is a combination of racy lines and a sleek profile, while it’s inside stops nothing short of luxury. Functional and refined, it is apparent that each detail — however slight — has been well thought out to provide sailors an enjoyable time on-board.

Having the ability to be personalized upon request, the Catana 70 truly embodies both design and technical excellence, exceeding expectations.

Fountaine Pajot

If you are docked and happen upon an eco-friendly boat using renewable energy sources, you’ve probably only found a Fountaine Pajot. These boats are continuously leading the pack as the most technologically innovative producer, making them among the best catamaran yachts you can purchase.

environmentally friendly catamaran

‘Eco-versions’ are provided to environmentally conscious mariners without compromising the gorgeous, high performing, and comfy designs they’re renowned for. Those ships’ durability gives them a high resale value, making them ideal if you feel you might want to sell yours later.

The safety features in a Fountaine Pajot yacht are unrivaled, with the unique partitioning implying that parts of the vessel can be sealed off in the unlikely event of a leak.

Making both sailing and power cats, Here is our pick of the best catamarans Fountaine Pajot offers.

Saona 47

Exquisitely designed, you can relax on the 9m2 lounge deck or top up your tan on the sun lounger. If you think you may want to try extended cruising, then the Saona 47’s extensive storage area will surely come into great use.

The yacht’s weight-to-volume ratio has led to exceptional stability and balance, meaning each sailing experience you get to enjoy will be an unforgettable one.

Ipanema 58

Opt for the Ipanema 50 and select between the classic edition, where there’s a saloon between the kitchen, or the couch version, in which the saloon and kitchen are broken down into two distinct areas with a lounge and galley.

Having a 25m2 cockpit, you’ll have the choice to live “inside and outside,” which makes the Ipanema among our finest catamarans for cruising.



Built by the famous boat architects Vincent Lauriot Prevost and Marc Van Peteghem, who also created the popular 2010 America’s Cup-winning trimaran, Lagoon is a global leader in catamaran boats.

Every single Lagoon catamaran offers loads of luxury living area, combined with performance sailing skills. The hull and deck structures are vacuum injected, while the furniture is panels are made from reconstituted wood in their bid to assist with the environment. To find out more about Lagoons, please contact us.

While there are numerous Lagoon models to pick from, these are our top three:

Lagoon 620

Providing the solution to the sailor of now, the Lagoon 620 is preferred among the greatest catamarans by many.

Obtaining a refresh in 2012, the interiors are designed for supreme relaxation, such as a redesign of the dining room settees and a rise in indirect lighting because of changes to the ceiling.

Offered in three different versions, With four, five, or six cabins, the interior provides complete comfort while sailing without compromising functionality.

Lagoon Seventy

More than 23 meters in length, the Lagoon Seventy is bespoke, which means that you can make your yacht in any manner you would like it (if you opt for the forward galley and crew charters version).

The sheer size of this flybridge provides an additional living room, and the available cockpit means that you can enjoy great horizon perspectives. However, our favorite thing about this yacht? The direct access to the sea from the main bedroom — just think of it as your very own private beach!

Lagoon Seventy8

This power catamaran gives more room, at 24 meters in length. Adjustable options on the flybridge involve a Jacuzzi or a folding dining table — perfect if you’re planning on bringing guests on-board.

The interiors are chic yet clean, resulting in classic designs. The Lagoon Seventy8 is perfect if you’re planning to embark on any long-distance cruising, with its fuel tank capable of consuming 8,500 liters, equating to around 4,000 nautical miles.


Nautitech sailing catamaran

Enjoy unlimited cruising on a Nautitech power catamaran. Their new lineup combines power and efficiency without sacrificing tons of space for socializing.

Only the highest quality materials are used, which means that you can relax, knowing that you are in complete safety. With each Nautitech catamaran manufactured in France and the interiors designed in Germany, everything is completed to the highest quality, making Nautitech one of the greatest catamaran brands around.

Nautitech 40

If you are looking to strike the perfect balance between performance and lifestyle, then the Nautitech 40 is the ideal yacht for you.

Nautitech catamaran over 40 feet

Plenty of space means you can relax and unwind with family and friends or take time out for yourself while appreciating the stylish interiors.

The trampoline offers the perfect place for some sunbathing or enjoys your afternoon’s snorkeling, diving, or swimming.

Nautitech 46

Explore the sea on a Nautitech 46 in luxury and comfort.

The catamaran interior is magnificent: 360-degree panoramic views, with a great deal of light and sumptuous seating, which you can sit back and unmind.

Select between the three and four cabin options for up to eight people, in which you can enjoy some time together, whether it’s only for a day trip or to get a longer-term adventure.

Nautitech 47

The first new version in the range can cruise for 1000 miles at a speed of 22 knots. You can improve your engines to 2 x 225 HP or 300 HP.

The insides lend to an open concept if it comes to the saloon and cockpit, and you have the choice to choose between three or four cottages. With the way the chairs are situated, you will get to enjoy a gorgeous sunset every time you set sail on this yacht.

A combination of comfort, power, and style at its best, the Nautitech 47 is one of the best catamaran yachts around.

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