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Tesla Powerwalls Used To Assist SailGP Boat Racing And Ditch Diesel

Tesla has created an innovative solar power and energy storage off-grid system to power the SailGP boat racing series.  SailGP has announced its plans to become carbon neutral by 2025, starting with a project with Tesla ahead of its second season.

With an increased urgency in Season 2, SailGP will continue building the foundations laid in year one. This includes a technical project together with Tesla.  Tesla and SailGP have teamed up to assist the new sport’s diesel-powered mobile recharging stations to switch to solar and storage.

The SailGP boats consist of onboard batteries to power some devices. During the previous season, they had a diesel generator for charging the batteries for all of the boats at their Sydney facility before a competition.… Read the rest

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Review of Goal Zero YETI 1250 Solar Generator

Power generation is crucial for the operations of different types of boats, a lot depends on the size of your vessel. For instance, you need the energy to operate critical appliances like freezers, refrigerators, charge phones and laptops as well as home healthcare equipment. Some ships have built-in generators but those without requiring a reliable solar generator.

A marine solar generator has many benefits compared to other devices that are powered by fossil fuel. For instance, Goal Zero’s YETI 1250 is a perfect example of a solar generator that gives you peace of mind when you are sailing in your boat. The YETI 1250 portable power station can also serve purposes like camping and other applications even at home. The solar generator works perfectly well … Read the rest

Marine Solar Generators Review

5 Best Marine Solar Generators Reviewed

It can be hard to know which type of solar generator to buy, as the market is flooded with so many brands and models.

To make things easier, this article includes information on some of the most highly recommended solar generators that can be bought online. We’ll cover five of the best marine solar generators selling today, according to and similar websites.

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