Marine Thermal Cameras Are a Huge Benefit Out on the Water

What is Thermal Imaging?

We are going to discuss those marine thermal cameras are a huge benefit out on the water. Thermal imaging (also called thermal scanning, thermography, infrared imaging, or infrared thermal imaging) is the way individuals can observe the infrared part of the light spectrum. Every object radiates some amount of thermal energy, so thermal imaging is excellent for finding temperature anomalies, which are abnormal in machinery, electric equipment, and in solids like wood, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass.

Thermal imaging doesn’t require light to see thermal radiation, so thermal cameras can see in complete darkness. Thermal imaging is used majorly in law enforcement, security, army, air and sea navigation, firefighting, private industry, surveillance, medicine, and mathematics.… Read the rest

Thermal Cameras

5 Highly Recommended Thermal Cameras for Sailors

Thermal cameras can be used to identify problems that otherwise would not be discovered without a lot of trial and error. These thermal cameras are utilized in a variety of scenarios. Infrared cameras are a scientifically innovative solution to some everyday problems.

In this article, we reviewed five of the best thermal cameras on the market to help readers figure out the pros and cons of each model and how to use them. This way the camera users can make an informed decision while shopping.  FLIR seems to be the most common or known brand name these days (like the Flir C2), but there are others on the market.

Below are the five cameras and an overview of each one (no particular order):… Read the rest

M400 Thermal Camera Application

FLIR M400 Thermal Night Vision Camera Review

One of the most useful marine products of all time will soon be on the market. The folks at FLIR aren’t giving out the release date just yet, but those interested can sign up online to be notified when their marine products are ready to ship.

The FLIR M400 night vision camera is causing quite a stir as some are forecasting that this will be the best thermal camera ever to be available to the public. This high-performance marine camera system can tilt and pan in almost every direction.

The maritime navigational system will work under the darkest of conditions to reveal almost anything in and on the water that cannot be seen by the human eye during the night. This multi-sensor technology can detect … Read the rest