Cool Marine Technology For Your Boat 2019

Whoever imagined a time when sonar could stream live images of fish? Who dreamed you could use your chart plotter to start miniature unmanned aircraft to film fishing activity? And who could predict the use of augmented reality for safer navigation to and from the fishing areas?  Whether you envisioned these inventions or not, this cool marine technology is already here.

By way of instance, Panoptix LiveScope live sonar technology by Gramin, launched this past year, streams real-time sonar pictures of fish.  Along with the UAV flight operate on Axiom series of Raymarine multifunction displays, also launched this past year, automatically deploys, manages and retrieves video from the drone.

Axiom is expandable, so its abilities can develop. It supports the entire range of Raymarine accessories, such as CHIRP Sonar Quantum radar, FLIR thermal cameras, audio integration, tools, cameras, and Evolution autopilot. Standard WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity allow connection to the latest Raymarine apps for tablet computers and smartphones (a future LightHouse 3 software upgrade needed for mobile app compatibility).

Axiom incorporates mounting hardware, surface and trunnion mounting kits, power/data cable, and installation guidelines.  The UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) flight operate on multifunction displays of Raymarine Axiom series automatically deploys, controls and retrieves video drones.

Learn About The “Must Have” Marine Technology

1. Lowrance HDS Live

Lowrance HDS Live with LiveSight allows you look laterally, with the optional LiveSight transducer in a bow-facing position, or below the boat. LiveSight images appear in real-time, so you see fish and bait moving inside the sonar beam.

When practicing LiveSight forward with the Lowrance Point-1 GPS antenna, an onscreen index indicates the direction of the transducer to line up on a waypoint or to pinpoint the structure you plan to fish. Offered in 7-, 9-, 12- and 16-inch versions, ranging from $1,099 to $4,399; LiveSight transducer is $999.

With HDS LIVE, we chose the most popular fishfinder series on the specialized fishing circuit and made it even better for anglers with a sleek,faster processor, new design, best-ever built-in package of HDS navigation tools and assistance for a wide variety of fresh fishfinding technology, unmatched by any other fishfinder.

Courtesy : Lowrance 

2. FLIR/Raymarine ClearCruise AR

ClearCruise™ AR is introducing enhanced on water perception to Raymarine’s family of Axiom® multifunction displays.  FLIR/Raymarine ClearCruise AR, the first augmented-reality method for boaters, couples with Raymarine’s CAM210 HD video camera to identify objects on the water.

With the Raymarine AR200 video-stabilization module, it covers symbols for those items on a chart plotter of Raymarine Axiom MFD and utilizes electronic chart information to identify items on the video display.  Pop-up text boxes represent the objects that relate to chart content, AIS data, and waypoints.

Surrounding AIS-equipped ship traffic and charted navigation services are identified with vibrant graphics on a live, dynamic video image.  Color-coded labels offer instant status, identification, and risk-assessment Live AIS Targets. ClearCruise AR gives identification of AIS furnished vessels on the horizon.

Primary chart objects are identified for immediate, heads-up recognition. ClearCruise AR technology shows you where your saved waypoints and marks are located.  Visualize nearby marks and waypoints for effortless navigation. ClearCruise AR technology makes it simple to pick the buoys marking the edges of the secure channel on a hazy day.

AR200, $499.99; CAM210 HD, $699.99; visit for more details!

Courtesy : Raymarine

3. Simrad’s Halo24 radar

Simrad Halo24 radar now provides solid-state pulse-compression technology in a low-profile, lightweight dome. The 24-inch dome processes various ranges and flaunts a range of up to 48 nautical miles. The newest Halo24 features VelocityTrack Doppler technologies that color-codes approaching boats for greater threat identification has a quick refresh rate critical in limited-visibility situations, integrates with all present MFDs and will be available in Simrad’s two sister manufacturers, Lowrance and B&G. $2,699.

Excellent for a broad range of smaller powerboats, HALO24 appears in a small dome antenna and provides high quality short, mid and long-range detection. Monitor two distances range at once in Dual Range mode which lets you keep an eye on faraway weather cells while looking for collision risks up close.

HALO24 radar’s pulse compression technology involves no compromises in detection at the selected range, while beam sharpening supplies improved separation between small or distant objects.

HALO24 radar delivers a complete 360-degree sweep every second, as a result of its industry-first 60 RPM rotation at ranges up to 1.5 nautical miles. These super-fast upgrades provide you an almost real-time view at close range, providing the ultimate look for collision avoidance.

Courtesy : Simrad

VelocityTrack™ technology offers instant visual feedback on whether goals are coming towards you or moving away. Simple color coding highlights possible hazards, increasing your situational awareness, and further reducing your risk of collision. HALO24 radar automatically assesses each goal in range, and no limit to the number of targets on screen at one time.

HALO24 radar wakes directly from its low-power standby mode, delivering this high-speed radar coverage exactly when and where you need it. Even if your HALO24 radar is entirely powered down start-up is a matter of seconds, not minutes like conventional pulse radar.

Whether you’re navigating through congested waterways or battling with poor visibility HALO24 radar instantly cuts through the clutter to provide you a clear and current picture of your surroundings. Visit for more details:

4. Garmin Chartplotter

Garmin increases its GPSMap 8600/8600xsv Chartplotter series to now include 10-, 12- and 16-inch multitouch displays with in-plane switching (IPS) for improved screening, support for dual-channel 1 kW traditional chirp, BlueChart g3 coastal cartography including Navionics info and automobile guidance, CHIRP SideVu and CHIRP ClearVu scanning sonars, additionally Garmin Panoptix sonar and Ultra HD scanning sonar, such as Panoptix LiveScope.

These chartplotters also support the complete Garmin Panoptix™ all-seeing sonar product lineup, such as Panoptix LiveScope™, the first and single live real-time scanning sonar available in the marketplace today. Transducers are sold separately. Non-Solar capable versions of every new display — the GPSMAP 8610, GPSMAP 8612 and GPSMAP 8616 — will also be available.

This series also features built-in Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. $2,499.99 to $5,999.99; visit for more details!

5. Ocean Signal’s ATB1

Ocean Signal’s ATB 1, a Class B AIS transponder including SOTDMA (self-organized time-division multiple access) technologies, boosts visibility and navigational safety, and guarantees increased priority for ranking reports with no loss or delay of transmission. With 99 acquisition channels and 33 monitoring channels, the effective internal multi-GPS receiver continuously updates vessel position, course, speed, and heading. The 5-watt output raises the transmission range. Availability of the ATB 1 is pending for authorization, per FCC.

  • Greater visibility to other vessels (SOTDMA)
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Free, user-friendly mobile app for setup
  • Superior internal 99 channel GPS receivers
  • WiFi, USB, NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000® connectivity
  • Supplied with external outside mount GPS antenna
  • There are upgrades Firmware updates available for this product.

6. Siren Marine’s MTC II

Siren Marine’s MTC II, the company’s latest current boat monitoring, tracking, and management system, features improved functions and built-in NMEA 2000 integration to have tabs on local weather and wind data, critical engine information, tank levels and much more.

Similarly to its predecessor, the MTC, the MTC II works with an extensive network of wired and wireless detectors to offer geofence security, position monitoring, and alert for battery level, bilge-pump activity, shore-power status, and several other essential conditions. Starting at $599, and a service plan!

The MTC+2 is the ideal starter kit for the boater seeking to build a complete remote monitoring system. The starter kit contains the two wireless sensor modules, MTC, and three interchangeable attachments to monitor high water, battery, and an entry hatch or door. Added wired or wireless sensors can be added to expand the system:

  • Monitor battery voltage, bilge activity, high water, temperature, and motor to ensure systems are working correctly
  • Track GPS position and set geofences to understand where your vessel is at all times
  • Control your lighting, A/C, and countless other systems from anywhere
  • Secure your ship by connecting to entrance alarms and motion sensors

Courtesy : Siren Marine

For more details, visit:

7. Furuno’s FM4800

Furuno FM4800 multitool is a watertight, all-purpose VHF with AIS and built-in Class D DSC GPS receivers and an uncomplicated loudhailer with intercom. The AIS operation overlays AIS targets with an integrated chart plotter through NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000 protocols.

DSC calls can be placed from a networked Furuno TZtouch2 screen by tapping and selecting an AIS/DSC target. When the MOB (man overboard) functions on a TZtouch2 MFD is activated, you require to only push the rotary knob on the FM4800 to launch a distress call. $595;

The Furuno FM4800 is a new complete marine VHF Radiotelephone with GPS Receiver, Simplified Loudhailer with intercomAIS Receiver, and built-in Class D DSC. The system is waterproof to an IP68 standard, the highest waterproof rating for this type of electronic electronics.

That implies it can withstand the IP’s laboratory testing of full immersion for over 30 minutes, making the device an ideal candidate for boats having a bridge, where it can be bracket or flush mounted, or even mounted overhead.

Visit for more details!

8. HX40

The ultra-compact HX40 handheld VHF radio comes with a waterproof case, a speaker with 600 megawatts of volume, 6 watts of transmit power, presets for ten favorite channels and scans various channels using its easy-to-use menu. Boasting a three-year warranty, the HX40 provides NOAA weather channels with weather alerts and has an FM broadcast radio receiver. A built-in, rechargeable lithium-polymer battery pack contains long-lasting power, and an optional floating case is available. $119.99.


  • Floating (When fitted to the optional flotation case SHC-29*)
  • Super-Compact case design: 2.05″W × 3.74″H × 1.3″D
  • 6W transmit power output (Available 6/2.5/1W)
  • 600mW Loud Audio Output
  • Preset key utilized to reach up to ten chosen channels
  • Effortless to Use Menu System
  • Scanning operation and Multi-Watch (Dual Watch and Triple Watch)
  • CH16/S Speedy Access (S: Sub-channel)
  • Built-in Lithium Polymer Battery Pack (7.4V, 1850mAh)
  • NOAA Weather Channels with Weather Alert
  • FM Broadcast Radio Receiver
  • 3 Year Waterproof Warranty

Visit for more details!

9. Sat-Fi2 WiFi Hotspot

Globalstar Sat-Fi2 WiFi Hotspot provides seamless connectivity through the Globalstar satellite network, assisting boaters to remain in touch anywhere in the world.

The first product using Globalstar’s next-generation ground support, the Sat-Fi2 and eight devices connects to eight Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices to send and receive text messages and email access the Web, transmit voice calls, and post to social media. An integrated SOS button guarantees access to emergency responders. The Sat-Fi2 app works on various email platforms. $499, plus service plan.

Key Features

  • Sat-Browse, powered by Yippy, provides you compressed data for faster web surfing with rates up to 72 kbps
  • Sat-Fi2 is dust and water-resistant with the capability to withstand a high force of the shock
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery which serves up to 28 hours on standby and up to 2 hours of talk time
  • Connect up to 8 private smart devices to your
  • The antenna is connected to the device which makes it mobile, portable and lightweight
  • S. based ten-digit telephone number with direct dialing to 911 services

Visit for more details!

Courtesy : Globalstar Videos

10. Winegard Wavu W1

The Winegard Wavu W1 Marine Amplified Omnidirectional HDTV antenna amplifies and captures UHF VHF and FM signals from any direction at ranges of up to 35 miles, allowing boaters get to free, high-definition entertainment which can be shared with multiple onboard TV displays. Crafted from weatherproof, high-impact and UV-protected material, the W1 weighs just over 2 pounds and includes a wall plate, 12-volt DC power source, surface-mount box, 5-foot power coaxial cable, and 30-foot RG-59 coaxial cable. $129.

The aerodynamically designed housing of WAVU W1 HDTV antenna is high-impact, waterproof, and UV protected material.

Visit for more details!  See other marine electronics information here.

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