Review of Goal Zero YETI 1250 Solar Generator

Power generation is crucial for the operations of different types of boats, a lot depends on the size of your vessel. For instance, you need the energy to operate critical appliances like freezers, refrigerators, charge phones and laptops as well as home healthcare equipment. Some ships have built-in generators but those without requiring a reliable solar generator.

A marine solar generator has many benefits compared to other devices that are powered by fossil fuel. For instance, Goal Zero’s YETI 1250 is a perfect example of a solar generator that gives you peace of mind when you are sailing in your boat. The YETI 1250 portable power station can also serve purposes like camping and other applications even at home. The solar generator works perfectly well both indoors and outdoors.

Key Features Of YETI 1250 Portable Solar Generator

For all your power requirements whether you live off grid or in a place with power problems, YETI 1250 solar generator is the best answer.  The generator is versatile, and you can use it in different locations such as the home, boat or when you are out camping. The all-in-one solar station consists of a 1200Wh (100Ah capacity).

The generator also has an integrated pure-sine wave inverter with a capacity of 1200W. The other beautiful aspect about Goal Zero Yeti 1250 is that it works straight from the box it starts by just pushing the “on” button. It does not use a pull code to start like other generators, so it is straightforward for everyone to use.

The device gives you instant power for emergency as well as everyday use, and it is convenient compared to other generators. Other generators that use gas or fossil fuels produce noise and fumes that cause pollution.  With the YETI 1250, you will never run out of power. It has storage facilities that can help you to use the energy at a later period.

YETI 1250 Is A Multipurpose Device

Yeti 1250 can power a lot of appliances, and you can use some of them concurrently. The device is suitable for power requirements of all types of instruments such as fridges, medical equipment, lights and many more. The generator has different outputs that include 2.1A USB, 12 V output and 1200W AC. It is also capable of powering or charging up to 10 devices at one goal.

It can also recharge the following items: smartphone, headlamps, tablet, POV Camera as well as a laptop. When you have this portable Yeti 1250 generator, it is just as good as being home since you do not need to worry about power issues for your appliances. It can also give you many hours for operating your fridge, LCD TV as well as Light-a-Life.

YETI 1250 Has Enhanced Display

The generator is also useful in that it helps you to check the amount of power that is either going out or coming in with a glance on display. The display helps you to gauge your power requirements using the details on screen. The battery level indicator is easy to read, and it helps you know when your battery is due for recharging.

The Yeti 1250 generator weighs just over 100lbs, and it comes with a rolling cart that makes it portable to move from place to place. The carriage consists of a handle and wheels for more natural movement. You can use the generator from any location since it is convenient and easy to carry. If you love activities such as camping or sailing, Yeti 1250 generator is your close companion that will never let you down.

YETI 1250 Is Easy To Chain

If you need more power, you can chain the Yeti 1250 to 12V and 100Ah batteries. Chaining is significant since it helps to extend the runtimes of the cells so that you can have an extended period of power. The generator is usually ideal for short power outages, but it can still help you to enjoy more power. You can separately chain it to other batteries available.

The advantage of chaining the device is that other batteries can store power that you can use at a later period. Even at night in the absence of solar energy, you can still enjoy using the power that is stored on the chained batteries. In other words, you can never run out of power during any time of the day.

Source: Goal Zero

How To Charge The YETI 1250

There are three different ways of charging the YETI 1250 which include the following:

1. Use Solar Energy

You can recharge the device by connecting it to a compatible solar panel. The size of the solar panel determines the charging period. The YETI 1250 fully recharges in about 12 to 24 hours when you are using the Boulder 200 Briefcase. Solar power is cost-effective, and this is the main advantage of using it.

2. Plug Into The Wall

You can also use the method of plugging the YETI 1250 gadget into the wall for recharging. This method uses power from the grid to recharge the batteries.  It takes about 18 hours for the battery to recharge fully.

3. Use Car Charger

The method is not very common due to the extended period it takes for recharging. However, you can restore your Goal Zero Yeti 1250 using the 12 V adapter in your car. It takes about 44 hours to recharge the gadget. Charging from the vehicle is convenient in that you can reload the generator from any place especially if you are out camping.

sailboat using solar generator

Benefits OF Using YETI 1250

There are many advantages of using Yeti 1250 for your power generation in different circumstances. Some of the benefits of the generator include the following points.

Yeti 1250 Is Convenient

Whether you live off grid or in a place that is characterized by power outages, Yeti 1250 gives you the power you need. It is convenient, and you can use it from any site. It is safe, and you can use it both indoors and outdoors. The device is also clean and silent such that it does not cause noise or air pollution. It does not produce any toxic fumes like other generators that use fossil fuels.

Peace of Mind

Nothing is stressing as imagining a situation where you can experience power outage while operating critical appliances. If you are in place that is off-grid, it is essential that you have a reliable source of power. It will help you to prevent the inconveniences of running out of energy in a time of need.

Yeti 1250 is a smart device that gives you peace of mind since it offers power when you need it. It is capable of powering critical gadgets like life-saving health-care equipment at home. The device can power different types of material like oxygen and CPAP machines as well as heart monitors.

If you have a patient on life support at home, there is no need to stress about issues of power outages.  In case of a power surge, you can quickly switch on to Yeti 1250 solar generator which has sufficient energy to operate various types of equipment. The generator can give you peace of mind during situations that can be life-threatening.

The solar generator is also capable of operating critical home appliances like freezers and refrigerators. Whether you are at home or away, you need to storage of perishable food, and the gadgets operate using power.

Easy To Use

The other benefit of Yeti 1250 solar generator is that it is easy to use. It has many ports that can power your devices at the same time. It has ports for DC, AC, and USB and you can activate them using a single master switch. Everyone in the family can have access to power from this portable generator.

You Can Operate It Using A Smartphone

You can control your Yeti 1250 from anywhere using the Goal Zero Yeti App. The smart app helps you to perform tasks like checking battery level as well as the power getting in and out. You can also use the smartphone app to turn on and off all the ports.

The Yeti app is smart in that you can control the generator from the palm of your hand from any place. The other important aspect is that you can get the latest firmware updates from the Yeti App. However, the app is compatible with enabled Goal Zero Yeti 1400 and 3000Lithium only.

How The Solar Yeti Generator Works?

The first step is that the Yeti generator collects power from different sources. It can receive the energy from the sun using a compatible solar panel. The advantage of solar power is that you can access it from any place. The gadget also collects power from the wall plug or a car charger.

The gadget also stores power after collecting it from various sources. When the power pack is fully charged, you can also use it as a wall plug. You can plug your appliances direct to the generator or use an extension since it has different ports.

The power in your pack can charge any device like refrigerators, healthcare equipment, and other home appliances. You can connect more than ten machines to the solar generator at the same time, and they function well.

Things Included In Yeti Kit

The Yeti 1250 kit comes with other accessories that complement its functions. The major components include two solar panels that absorb the power from the sun. The panels consist of mono-crystalline technology that is highly efficient, and it can last up to 30 years. The other important aspect is that solar panels are expected to recharge after 24 to 48 hours.

The kit also includes a power pack whose purpose is to store energy so that you can use it at a later time to recharge your gear. The power pack can act as a primary source of power for performing various tasks as cooling and lighting. It can also run multiple devices. The power pack gives you 1,250-watt-hours of energy storage.

The kit also comes with a handy carrying case consisting of fabric. The carry case makes it easy to carry the batteries from one place to the other. It also includes of protective shield that helps to protect the accessories during movement to different areas. The kit also involves a role cart that allows moving the power pack smoothly from place to place.

The kit also consists of a wall charge cable that can enable you to charge your power pack from an outlet on the wall. You can also buy other additional accessories for the Yeti 1250 solar generator like a car charger. A car charger helps to customize your system so that you can use it from anywhere.

Source: Goal Zero

Other Things To Know About Solar Power

  • The solar system gives you instant power by merely pressing the on button. It is also easy to use in that it does not require a complicated system of setting up the solar generator. Once you open the solar panels, the sun will do the rest of the work.
  • Charging the generator from the sun or the wall gives similar results. The advantage of solar power is that it is eco-friendly.
  • The solar panels are not that huge owing to technological advances. Other types of solar panels can fit comfortably in a pocket, and they are powerful.
  • The solar panels are, and they do not readily break even if you drop one on concrete. You can also run over the panel with a truck but it does not easily break, and this is a big advantage to the users.
  • Solar power can change your life in many ways. It is cost effective, the only charges you incur involve the initial purchase of the Yeti 1250 solar system. The other element is that solar power is smart and it does not affect the environment like other sources of energy.
  • Mono-crystalline solar panels are efficient and reliable. They have a long lifespan of up to 30 years. They can also perform well in different conditions including poor lighting.

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