A Review Of The Neel 45 Trimaran Sail Boat

The Neel 45 trimaran is a 44ft 2012 Eric Bruneel design for JOUBERT NIVEL MERCIER. This is lightweight vessel constructed from glass, isophthalic polyester resin, closed-cell foam and honeycomb PVC.

It should provide the best in living quarters, controls and motion for a great sailing expedition. Initial pictures of the interior and layout may not be as some had anticipated, so what can buyers expect? That is where this Neel 45 trimaran review is here to help.

The interior of this Neel 45 trimaran can take some getting used to, but the design is certainly appealing.

At first, some viewers and crew members don’t quite know what to make of this Neel 45 trimaran. Not only are some of the elements seemingly the wrong way around, but there is also an odd design to the interior. There are outward-facing double berths alongside the V-shaped bow berth, a wraparound sofa to relax on and a modern navigation board.

Some are a little put off because it is quirky and futuristic. Buyers expect a certain look when then climb on board and are then surprised at what they see. Still, many soon get used to it and later concede that it all has its purpose and sense of style.

45 Trimaran Sail Boat

One aspect of this boat that catches a lot of people by surprise is the capacity of these rooms. Some Neel 45 trimaran reviews are not too favorable in this regard. At 44ft long and 28ft wide, space should be at a premium on this boat. While the layout is a little hard to grasp, many appreciate the space offered.

There is a similar sense of grandeur and style between the rooms for the owner and the crew. The team can enjoy their separate state of independence and creature comforts with the staterooms and en-suites. The headroom is impressive at 6ft 8in, and this sense of space continues with the kitchen area, salon, and cockpit.

Quirky or not, there is an excellent intuitive, user-friendly feel to the handling of the boat and a good engine onboard.

When talking about the interior elements, we cannot overlook the engine room that plays such an important role in the central point of the boat. This is another practical use of space with plenty of considerations for the user.

Everything related to the Volvo 55 hp sail drive inboard engine and steering is thick in this one section of the boat, with access via the ladder. All the main controls are easy to access. This means that necessary maintenance checks are over quickly and potential problems are easily spotted.

Of course, the proof of a good design is in the sailing.

It is all well and good having somewhere comfortable to eat and sleep, but she needs to handle well. This Neel 45 trimaran boats a 65 sq ft self-tacking staysail, 495 sq ft furling genoa, and 645 square feet battened gaff mainsail. There is also the promise of 63 ft air draft. Buyers are keen to highlight the ease of use of the mainsheet, which can be then anchored at various point.

Neel 45 trimaranThere is also the response of the emergency tiller and the light wheel. Then there is the speed of this boat. It appears that sales claims of a 10-knot ship are cautious as some have reached up to 12 in the right conditions. It skims across the water with ease.

There is a lot on offer with this Neel 45 trimaran, and it appears to worth the money.

Finally, it is worth remembering that there are two different types of boat on offer here. There is one for owners – bought outright for small scale voyages – and then there is the charter option. This Charter option ups the spaces with five cabins for 12 people, adding four beds and two sinks to the equation. This choice brings even greater functionality to this model.

It is hard to write a critical Neel 45 trimaran review because there is so much that the company has done right here. Buyers should gloss over the looks, to begin with and not judge what lies beneath by the cover, as it were. Those that spend time in the quarters and at the controls soon see that this is a great vessel. It is well-made with some great features, surprising speed and plenty of comforts.

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