Leopard-43 Catamaran Reviews

Catamaran Review- Leopard 43

Leopard Catamarans is well known in the boating world for their quality designs and manufacturing. And their 43 Powercat is no exception.Outstanding details went into every aspect of conception for this incredible catamaran as seen in the hull, interior, and everywhere else on the boat.

Experienced builders Robertson and Caine are responsible for the bones of the vessel and the exterior design is the work of noted design company Simonis Voogd Design. Some might think of the Powercat 43 as the upgraded version of the 39 Powercat. But it is its complete replacement, ranking high in Catamaran Reviews.

This mid-sized catamaran is brilliantly designed with a stepped hull that allowed the manufacturers to increase the interior space above the waterline. This permit cruisers to have … Read the rest